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Steven Moore and Friends

Steven Moore & Friends

“Banjo player Steven Moore has assembled a Super Band” of young musicians. Members include Steven Moore (banjo), Etienne Cremiuex (fiddle), James Seliga (mandolin), Andrew Conley (cello), Swanagan Ray (guitar), and Andrew Bonnis (bass (+ ukulele)). All 20-25 years old, this band promises to deliver a fantastic combination of grass-roots based music (with a focus on newgrass). From note-for-note duets and harmonies to improvised leads, these musicians perform both well-coordinated, synchronized arrangements as well as jam-session style arrangements. In Steven’s words,  I’ve met a lot of musicians over the years and have always wanted to assemble a band of the best of them, and this is it – a hand-selected bunch of guys I chose individually based upon their abilities and drive to play.”

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"Steven's Song in C"

Image: Steven moore

Marietta College Magazine

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Steven Moore-Banjo
Steven Moore is a 20-year old banjo player from Bethesda, OH. In addition to playing banjo with his bluegrass band Almost Famous, Steven plays jazz guitar as a music-talent scholar at Marietta College, where he will also earn a degree in biochemistry. Steven has won several banjo competitions, but the two most prestigious include the US National Bluegrass Banjo Championship in 2008 (Winfield, KS) and the 2011 Rockygrass Banjo Championship (Lyons, CO). Steven claims that these wins would not have been possible without the knowledge he learned from Ed “Uncle Eddy” Mahonen (Wheeling, WV) and Butch Osborne (Parkersburg, WV), his two banjo mentors. Ed and Butch, as well as Béla Fleck, Noam Pikelny, Alison Brown, and Scott Vestal are his greatest banjo influences. Elements of swing, jazz, bluegrass (particularly newgrass), old-time, celtic, and Americana are evident in Steven’s progressive banjo style. Steven is an artist for Ome Banjos. In addition to all things musical, Steven enjoys hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Image: Etienne Cremiuex

Etienne Cremiuex-Fiddle
Etienne Cremiuex- (A-T-N) is a 20-year old fiddler from Brookline, MA. Etienne’s musical inspiration spans across multiple genres including classical, jazz, bluegrass, old time, and rock. Having gone from Suzuki school student to Suzuki school dropout, Etienne owes more than he can say to the many mentors who have guided and influenced his journey. Mentors that have deeply influenced his style include Casey Driessen and Darol Anger, as well as instructors from Etienne’s studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world. His phenomenal musicianship is evident in all of his playing, from note-for-note harmony lines to fearless improvisation. Etienne is currently living in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Image: James (Jimmy) Seliga

James Seliga- Mandolin
James (Jimmy) Seliga is a 20-year old mandolin monster from Bellevue, Ohio. James regularly plays mandolin in his band “The Black Swamp String Band” but he is also quite an accomplished guitarist, majoring in Jazz Guitar Performance as a music-talent scholar at Bowling Green State University. Incorporating elements of old-time, bluegrass, jazz, and swing into his style, his well-articulated performances include such blazing leads and superior rhythm that his playing can only be described as incredible. In addition to his musical endeavors, James enjoys exchanging his pick for a golf club to play a leisurely 18-hole game.

Midnight Moonlight

Image: Andrew Conley (Baby Shoe)

Andrew Conley – Cello
Andrew (Baby Shoe) Conley is a 24-year old cellist from Des Moines, Iowa. Originally a dedicated mandolinist, Andrew brought his love of grass-roots music to the cello about four years ago when his sister purchased a student cello and Andrew started learning to play it so that he could instruct her. To say the least, the cello stuck and it is now his primary instrument. Playing Celtic, bluegrass, and old-time tunes note-for-note, Andrew is sure to amaze audiences as he pioneers the inclusion of cello into new cross-genres of grass-roots music. Andrew currently lives in the musical hot-spot of Nashville, TN.


Image: Swanagan Ray

Swanagan Ray - Guitar
Swanagan Ray is a top-notch flat-picking guitarist from Ripley, WV. He started playing upright base at the age of 13 with his family’s band and has since become proficient at several other instruments, including mandolin, banjo, and guitar (which is now his primary instrument). His love for bluegrass music has driven him to win first place in many banjo and guitar contests. Last summer, Swanagan proved that he definitely one of the best by placing 1st in the 2011 West Virginia flat-picking guitar championship at the annual Vandalia Gathering. At the age of 20, Swanagan is a master of the guitar, and is an artist for Thompson guitars. He is currently majoring in electrical engineering at Ohio University.

Image: Andrew Bonnis

Andrew (Drew) Bonnis – Bass (+ uke)
If only one reason was to be given when asked why a bass player is important, it would have to be because he’s got to be the glue that holds the band together. This is so effortlessly and tastefully accomplished by 21-year old Andrew Bonnis, a bassist that quickly becomes the life of any music setting to which he’s introduced. Singing spot-on lead and harmony vocals, as well as playing upright bass, bowed bass, electric bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and essentially any instrument you put in his hands, Andrew considers himself to be a “jack of all trades” but humbly insists he is a “master of none.” His talents have earned him numerous musical opportunities, resulting in his travels all around the country to play music. Andrew lives in Chardon, Ohio.


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