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Almost Famous Bios

Image: Micha Fuchs

Micah Fuchs, Mandolin and vocals. Micah is the minister at the Church of Christ in Belmont, Ohio and the principal at Barnesville High School.

Image: Josh Hetrick

Josh Hetrick, Guitar and vocals. Aside from being an authority in the bluegrass genre and a darned good roofer, he is also the minister at Freeport Church of Christ.

Image: Harold Dailey

Harold Dailey, Bass and vocals. The guy who started the bluegrass music program at the Pennyroyal Opera House, Fairview, Ohio. Harold has about 50 years of music under his belt. Harold is a retired director of facilities.

Image: Steven Moore

Steven Moore, Banjo and vocals, and sometimes guitar. Steven won the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship for his second time in 2015, Winfield Ks. In 2016, he won the first ever Carolina in the Fall, hosted by the Kruger Brothers in Wilkesboro NC

Other accomplishments to note, 2008 National Banjo Champion, 2011 Rocky Grass Banjo Champion. 2013 Renofest Banjo Champion, 2013 Merlefest Banjo Champion, and 2015 Maryland State Banjo Champion.


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